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From our charming hotel in the Boralde de Saint Chély valley, discover the magic of Aubrac on horseback across three regions: Lozère, Aveyron and Cantal.

Find peace of mind on this vast, mountain plateau (at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,500 m). Admire spectacular views amongst a variety of landscapes. Michel Bras, a Michelin-starred chef in Laguiole, describes Aubrac in the following way: "A natural fortress, a desert. The sky, the rocks, the plants - everything brings you back to first principles. "

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The villages of Aubrac

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From our hotel, set out on foot to discover the village of Saint Chély d’Aubrac at an altitude of 820 m. The village boasts a stunning architectural heritage, from the 14tth century to the present day, with sites such as the Pont des Pèlerins (the pilgrims' bridge, a UNESCO world heritage site), the church with its double galleries and 14th century altarpiece, the wash houses, and the half-timbered houses.

Visit the nearby villages of Montpeyroux or Laguiole and the villages of the Lozère region such as Nasbinals, Grandvals or Marchastel.

Aveyron is famous for its delightful little villages. A little further afield, you will find Espalion, Estaing, Conques, Entraygues, Saint-Côme d’Olt, and Sainte-Eulalie d’Olt, some of them listed among the most beautiful villages of France.


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This village is internationally renowned for its knives, its cheese and its three Michelin star restaurant! At the heart of Laguiole, visit the forges which are the pride of the region, and buy a knife - a symbol of Aveyron - as a souvenir. In Foirail Square, admire Le Taureau de Laguiole (the bull of Laguiole), an imposing bronze statue by Georges Guyot which celebrates the Aubrac breed of cattle. They are a magnificent breed with their tanned hides, lyre-shaped horns and eyes lines with black, as if they were made up!
Then, meet by the church where, from the fort, you can admire a 360° panoramic view over the slate rooftops, and basalt and granite walls.

Foodies shouldn't leave without tasting Laguiole cheese, made with full-fat unpasteurized cow's milk. The cheese used to be made in burons - small, stone mountain lodges.  Laguiole is AOP certified (protected designation of origin) and is a key ingredient in the famous local aligot whipped potato dish, lending it its unmistakable taste.


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Aubrac is a country for ramblers and hikers, with its infinitely interlacing trails and paths which can be explored on foot, on horseback or by bike. Take a tour of the Aubrac peaks. As you leave Saint Chély d’Aubrac, discover green, rolling hills, before entering a more austere granite landscape which feels like a whole other world! Another classic, the Compostela trail (GR65) will take you from Aubrac to Conques.

At the end of May, take part in the traditional transhumance festival which marks the moment the herds of cattle leave for the Aubrac plateau. Witness the spectacle of the herds decorated with flowers, plumes and ribbons and enjoy the many events taking place in local villages. 

From May to October, visit the Camejane buron (traditional cheese-making workshop) where cheese is still made the old-fashioned way. There, you will be able to buy Tome or Laguiole cheeses.

In winter, the snow transforms this breath-taking steppe into a magical winter playground where cross-country and track skiers can revel in the joys of these wide open spaces. Laguiole and Brameloup resorts are perfect for families. They offer downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, back country trekking, luge, and snow shoe trekking.

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